Quick Hits


  • The 1st amendment does not mean a right to zero dissent.  It means the government won’t arrest you for praying, protesting or saying something.  People saying they don’t like you is THEIR right. They can even gather in the street and pray to their god (or no god) to let it be known. That’s legal.
  • You don’t need to know the whole constitution to run for president.  You might want to get the 1st amendment right, though.
  • The people who want to “Make American Great Again” are uniformly awful! There’s no other side of this.  They’re telling Jewish people to “Go to Auschwitz”. They’re telling black people to “Go back to Africa”. They’re calling Arab people “Terrorists”. They’re sucker-punching people who dare disagree.  This is a racist Reddit page come to life. I don’t agree with these garbage people about anything.  If they said that pizza was delicious I’d have to re-think it.
  • I will never go to a Trump rally even to protest.  I am not getting punched in the face by an old man who still thinks “Uppity” is a thing he can call people or an old lady giving Nazi salutes. I am not going within 200 yards of these people one-on-one, let alone in groups.
  • On a related note, this is the height of white privilege.  White people get defined by themselves and their actions.  (You’re a good person.  You’re a bad person.  You’re a crazy, racist Nazi saluting black-person punching Trump fan.) Everyone else gets defined by their worst people. What are the stereotypes about Latinos? Offensive screeds about documentation and living situation and whatever else. About blacks? Scary and dangerous and not smart. This is true even to the point where when a black person is really successful they say, “He’s not really black.” This is the MOST RACIST YOU CAN BE! When you think someone not fitting your stereotype means the person is wrong, not the stereotype, you are a racist-ass racist.
  • And don’t tell me that being called a racist is worse than being a racist. Stop being a racist and I won’t call you that.  Chicken or the egg, you racist-ass racist.  Call someone a Terrorist, mention Auschwitz or tell someone to go to Africa as anything other than a vacation recommendation, you are racist.
  • Can we stop with the “Trump isn’t electable so it doesn’t matter anyway?” Yes he is.  There’s the group of monsters who will vote for whoever yells the loudest.  There are the open racists. That’s 20% of the electorate right there.  You have another 20% who are terrified of anything or anyone that’s different from them.  If a black person is killed and there’s a protest, that 20% will now vote for Trump because black people are scary.  If there is a terrorist act those 20% will now vote Trump because domestic unrest is scary.  All we need is for something big to happen to scare the election his way.
  • You know, except most gun violence.
  • Gun violence perpetrated by a white person is just sad.  It means he or she was troubled.
  • Gun violence by a black person against black people just proves how broken the culture is.
  • Only when the perpetrator is something other than white or black do we have to talk about what it means and how we fix it and who we imprison, bomb or shun to ensure our safety.
  • For the 20% of people whose shadow moving could make them change who they support, imagine Trump on September 12, 2001. What would he have done?  He’s likely to have launched a nuclear weapon on Zimbabwe.  Why?  Well, someone there didn’t like his tie or his steak.  He was emotional because of the attack.  He saw an opportunity to show America’s might and took advantage.  In short, it’s the same way a child jumps around from thought-to-thought without concern for logic or consequence. I love my four-year-old more than anything.  I don’t want her to be president.
  • Remember Frank’s, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” What would he say now?  What’s the matter with half of working class whites? I appreciate that social issues can make it hard to focus on financial issues.  For instance, I wouldn’t vote for a candidate who says, “I hate black people, but I’ll ensure that all people get access to clean drinking water. But this is ridiculous.  Trump really doesn’t even like, let alone have ideas to help, working people.
  • We’ve now reached the point where the Republican candidates who believe that a woman should be obligated to carry her rapist’s baby and that taxes are too high on the 1% and that no immigration is good are now the moderates.  They’d call George W Bush a RINO and try to kick him out of office.
  • Now a little something for my Bernie Bros.  I love your passion!  I think it’s great that you’re on board with the old guy who gets mad at Wall Street.  I’m with you.  Foreign policy?  Um…
  • Remember, being president is a real job.  It means a lot more than free healthcare and college.  I want both of those.  I have high premiums and two daughters who I’d love to see educated.  I value that.  I also know that Russia, China, Iran, Mexico, Japan and other world leaders demand to have their voice heard.  Finding that international and domestic balance is the gig.  You can’t be a great president without both.  People here are doing great…but we’re legitimately afraid of WW3.  A miss.
  • I don’t have anything to say to Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio people.  Your candidates are boring, talentless and much, much worse than any Republican candidate that I can remember save the one leading this piece.  Bob Dole, George Bush, Mitt Romney, George Bush Jr and Ronald Reagan are not my choice for a top 5 of anything.  They were all much more accomplished than the buffoons you have as options now.  They also, regardless of my opinions on any of them, had fundamental policies that they believed and were prepared to enact.  Ol’ Marco Cruz doesn’t even have ideas and has barely governed, let alone enacted something meaningful.  At least they have held office, I guess.  That’s something.
  • I didn’t mention Hillary Clinton. It’s not because I’m supporting her.  She’s just so willing to change what she thinks to get a vote that I’m not sure which Hillary I’d be mentioning.
  • And one final word for my racist Trump people.  Someone else catching up doesn’t mean you’re falling behind.  It just means you’ve always been ahead…even if you didn’t do anything to deserve it.

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