Religious Liberty?

Of course a punishing health care bill isn’t the only news this week. We also get to discriminate against gays!

The bill basically has four points.

  1. Restates 1st amendment and says that government will honor and respect religious freedom. (Vague and meaningless)
  2. The federal government will not punish any churches who act politically. Churches can run political drives from the sanctuary. (Basically erases the Johnson Amendment)
  3. The federal government will allow companies to opt out of supporting birth control. (Expands the Supreme Court ruling already in place via Hobby Lobby case)
  4. Tells the Attorney General to issue guidance interpreting “religious liberty”. (Vague but not at all meaningless)

Basically, churches can’t be punished or lose tax-exempt status for just giving political speeches from the pulpit. Companies don’t have to cover birth control as part of health care. Jeff Sessions gets to decide what “religious liberty” means. It might mean, like the Indiana laws, that companies can deny services to LGBTQ people. It might not. It’s up to Jeff Sessions, who is the worst elected official in the United States. (Sorry Steve King)

So what does that mean? We get to wait and see. Maybe it’ll be legal to deny services to gay people. Maybe it’ll be an obligation to burn them at the stake. It’s up to the whims of the Bigoted Bastard from Backwoods Bama.


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