My, My, My Sharia

I’m disgusted. We have to be vigilant. The creeping of Sharia law into the US must be watched!

Have you seen what happened in Syria in just the past month?

First, they’re trying to make it legal to discriminate against women who use birth control! They want to be allowed to fire or evict women if they use contraception.

In another area, the law is written in such a way that a woman can’t say no to sex once it’s begun. A man was penetrating a woman. He began ripping her hair out and striking her. She demanded he stop. He did not. The court had to confirm that he actually pulled out and started again to judge the case. Just refusing to stop is not a crime.

In yet a third region there are “earnest resistance” laws. What’s that? It means that a woman must physically fight off an attacker for it to qualify as rape. A woman freezing from shock or choosing not to fight in the hopes of avoiding further violence can’t prove she wasn’t raped. The attacker can claim the lack of resistance means it was consensual.

These are real laws. These are proposed and enacted by real people. Real monsters. What type of people would behave in such a barbaric fashion?

Oh hang on. My facts were wrong. These aren’t Syria. These aren’t some misinterpretation of Sharia. These are examples of American justice.

The legal discrimination against women using contraception?

Missouri. Absurdly conservative leadership in that state supports this measure which serves only to punish women who dare control their own rights.

The “No means no…but only if you say so right away and don’t change your mind” law?

North Carolina. I can’t blame the current environment or the leanings of the state government of 2017 for this one. The law is from 1979. Recent interpretations have made the news.

The “earnest resistance” laws?

Alabama, but they’re not alone. West Virginia has the same law. There are others.

We have a culture that demonizes sex and punishes women who dare to have it, even if it’s forced upon them. We pretend that other societies are savage and indifferent to the well-being of women yet enact and support laws that are much the same.

When there was a Women’s March in January there were those who pretended the event was a waste of time because there are atrocities being perpetrated against women in the Middle East. “What about Sharia? What about Islam,” was a common refrain. This is a common trope. They pretend to care about something else to belittle the cause.

When there’s no real defense the only viable defense becomes some sort of disconnection from reality.

  • A bunch of children murdered in a school and gun control is the only logical answer? Pretend it didn’t happen. It was a “false flag” operation.
  • 100% of independent media says a person is unqualified and dangerous to lead? Pretend the media is part of a conspiracy to undermine Great Leader.
  • More than 97% of the Scientific Consensus supports theories about greenhouse gases warming the earth? Pretend there’s still disagreement. That stops working? Pretend it’s an issue that’s real but over-hyped.
  • Women, still treated as second class citizens in America, demand equality? Pretend how much better it is here than some other place you’ve never been or whose citizens you’ve never met.

This pivot to avoid defending the indefensible isn’t slick. It isn’t smart. What’s more, it’s not effective. More and more it seems there are only one or two rhetorical devices they have to use. Pretty soon they’ll have to start showing results and making things better for everyone, or there will be hell to pay. What’s that they say about a woman scorned? It’s coming.


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